Note From the Publisher

Happy New Year

By Julie Franke, Publisher January 1, 2021

Happy New Year!!

Our New Year's Day will be quiet and hopefully we will get all of the holiday decorations down and put away. When do you usually get your decorations put away? 

Here is a fun activity to do with your kids to kick off 2021: 

A Free End of Year Questionnaire for Your Family to Begin 2021

The Christmas in Color light display that is hosted at the Expo Center and runs through January 2nd. I highly recommend visiting with your family if you have not had a chance already. Check out my article with a 15% Discount code HERE

Have a wonderful start to 2021. Don't forget to check the calendar HERE frequently. As we find more fun family events we will be adding them to the calendar. Our mission is to help #findyourfamilyfun

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