Kids Can Cook and It’s Fun with Kraft Heinz

Making Back-to-School Lunch Routine a Breeze

By Sponsored by Kraft Heinz September 8, 2020

Many of us have had crazy schedules with our kids over the last few months. I know that back-to-school time is going to look very different for my family this year. Even with the uncertainty of whether my kids will be at school in person or virtually, they will still need lunch and I will still have a jam packed schedule. Kraft Heinz has helped me solve that problem by providing great lunch options that my kids can make themselves.

My kids love all the flavors of Delimex Taquitos. My son picked the Chicken Taquitos when I took him to Walmart last week. He could not wait to get home for lunch. They could eat these every day. Walmart had a large selection of Kraft Heinz items to help make lunch easy. For us, taquitos are a family favorite.


One of the great things about the Delimex Taquitos is that my older kids can make them for my younger kids. Kraft Heinz has great products available for me to use for cooking lessons for my kids. Even when we go back to school in person, my kids can still benefit from life skill lessons at home. 

If we end up doing virtual school, I will be using my new multiage classroom to my benefit. My older son can help with lunch by preparing it for his younger brothers. My younger kids can also help with the cooking. The products are simple enough that my 6-year-old can do it with some supervision.


My older son was able to make lunch for both of his younger brothers very  easily. He used our air fryer to heat up the taquitos and cut a few strawberries to go with them for a quick, easy and delicious lunch. He put the taquitos on a baking tray and air fried them for 10 minutes. They were perfect. We love cooking this way so that the taquitos come out crispy.

When my kids finally do get to go back to school, this is still a great lunch option. We just heat the taquitos up in the morning, cut them in half, and add them to a small thermos container. They are still warm and delicious at lunch. My kids eat them plain but we could add a small container of dipping sauce, too.


Kraft Heinz and Walmart have made my lunch routine easy and fun. The best part is that the kids can do it for themselves and I know that they are eating the kind of food that I think is best for them. This has helped make one part of parenting more fun and much more simple.

These views are that of this publisher. I received compensation for completing and publishing an honest review. 

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