Goal Crushing March: Let's Work Together to Crush That Goal!

Receive 31 days of inspiration and support, all designed to help you crush one awesome goal

By Joyce Shulman, Chief Macaroni Mom February 21, 2020

Do you have things you want to accomplish? 

Of course you do! 

Do you need some motivation to get it done? 

Of course you do!

Join us for Macaroni Kid’s Goal Crushing March. Goal Crushers will receive 31 days of inspiration and support, all designed to help you crush one awesome goal.

Does it work? In prior years, 82 percent of people who participated reported that they accomplished their goal. And those who didn't? Every single one of them said they still made meaningful and important progress.

The formula for goal crushing is pretty simple:

  • Define the goal.
  • Set a timeframe.
  • Break the goal down into smaller action items.
  • Do the work.

Of course, all of this is much easier said than done, but what’s exciting is that you can learn how to set and crush goals. We can train ourselves to become goal crushers by working together throughout the month.

So consider yourself invited! I want you to join me in a 31-day goal crushing challenge! You will be shocked, once you set your mind to it, at how much you can accomplish in 31 days.

You in? Great, we start today. Right now. Here’s how:

My goal? I want to help 1,000 people crush their goals this March! So if there’s anyone in your life who has a goal they need to crush, please share this initiative with them and invite them to join in our Goal Crushing March. 'Cause everything's more fun with a friend, right?

Macaroni Kid founder Joyce Shulman is the chief Macaroni Kid mom. Her new book, "Walk Your Way to Better," is available now on Amazon.