This Weekend! Kids First Cast Presents Cabin Fever Reliever 2018

Enjoy outdoor activities... indoors!

By Kids First Cast February 1, 2018

Celebrating our 6th Annual -  Cabin Fever Reliever

With the generous help of Karcher Mall,  we will be hosting our 6th Annual,  Cabin Fever Reliever. This event will be held at Karcher Mall on Saturday, February 3, 2018 from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM.  Kids First Cast appreciates the outreach of support from the community to bring this event back year after year.  On behalf of the Board of Directors and the Volunteers of Kids First Cast, we are grateful for your support which helps fund these programs each year.  This year’s program will be filled with educational and instructional activities for everyone, but mostly designed for kids, and kids at heart!  Kids must register to receive a passport to complete each activity. After completing the activities on the passport, each child will receive a certificate of completion along with a FREE goody bag.

If you can imagine a fun day filled with the entire mall full of kids, parents and volunteers helping kids to learn great, healthy, outdoor activities, you’ve just envisioned CABIN FEVER RELIEVER 2018.  Best of all, no wet mittens or snow filled boots because it will be located indoors within the comforts of Nampa’s very own Karcher Mall.   Everything from archery, boat safety, fly fishing, tying flies, casting, and many more exciting activities.  Dealers will showcase their new line of vehicles throughout the mall.  There will be businesses throughout the mall displaying products as well as nonprofits spreading awareness about their organizations.  We can promise you that there will be a little something for everyone, and did we mention that it is FREE admission? Of course, there will be many places to shop, and many products sure to catch your eye, so come spend the day with us and shake off that Cabin Fever!  Kids First Cast would appreciate your support of  Karcher Mall,  the many vendors, advertisers, businesses,  nonprofit organizations and volunteers that work together to bring this event to you.  Stop by their business, booth, store,  and say “Thanks” for making this all possible!

It is our extreme pleasure to celebrate the 6th year of  this program.  We look forward to seeing the kids and families return each year, we are thankful that our guest list keeps getting bigger!  The largest compliment is your referral of  Kids First Cast and this event. If you have comments or suggestions, we appreciate them on line and/or Facebook, or you can also email  If you would like to donate, please ask a Kids First Cast volunteer how you can help, or check out the website:, find “Contact Us” tab, “Ways to Donate”.

We appreciate your loyal support of this program along with your support of this nonprofit organization! Thank you to all of the people who have volunteered their time, services, and resources to make this event possible.  It’s with heartfelt gratitude to the many people and businesses that have shown their support of our organization  throughout the year that allow us to complete our mission statement.  

Mission Statement:

“It is our mission to help build and sustain healthy communities by providing; education, conservation, and outdoor recreation in a safe and inviting environment for kids and their families while enjoying the sport of fishing.”    

We’re all about kids and fishing!                                              

Thank you,

Kids First Cast, Inc.